In a sweat about exercise

An overcast day today, and so excellent for going out for a bit of a walk. Ferry Meadows called once again, and I extended my regular walk around another one of the lakes. Treated myself to a toastie and a cappuccino in the cafe there, and then went out again, before heading home, via the shops.

My little walks are not any great exertion – I set a fairly good pace, but I also like to enjoy the time outdoors. As a result, I tend to walk for 40-60 minutes, then sit for a while (which can be 10-40 minutes, depending on the heat, the view, and whether I have my Kindle with me), then it’s up and at ’em for another spell.

Here’s what I find strange. I sweat after exercise – a dam-burst that drenches me and my shirt, to the point that I keep a spare in the car; running down my hairline, and into my eyes. “So, what’s strange about a fat guy sweating?” I hear you ask.

As I say, I take breaks during my walks, and on those occasions, I am not aware I sweat overly. So I can walk for up to an hour, and stop, and not be bothered at all. Even when I stopped for lunch, I was ok. The only time the drenching occurs is when I have finished. It’s when I am heading back to the car, that I realise I am doing a good impression of Moist.

Does this mean it is more psychological than physiological? I’ve no idea. Thankfully, it is soon over after about 10 minutes, so a change of shirt, and I feel human again, if a little damp.

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