A Day Out

Having postponed my trip down to Kent on Friday, due to being ill, I decided to give it a go yesterday, as I was feeling a little better.

Ashford looks a lot closer on the map, than it is – 3 hours drive there, and 3 hours back. But it was mostly motorway, and easy driving. Having got on the road just belfore 11am, I arrived at the American BBQ Company just after 2, and Jackie had my new pellet grill out ready to show me. It is mostly preassembled, all I have to do is fix the pellet hopper to the BBQ unit (4 bolts), and fix on the chimney (4 bolts) and I am ready.

We spent 40 minutes going over things, and then I was away again.

On the way back, I popped into Corbet’s Tey Crematorium to leave flowers for mum and dad. I don’t get down there that often, so I try to get there whenever I am in that neck of the woods.

When I got home, I was almost too tired to unload the car, but I got the grill into the garage, and plan to put it together later today.

I was supposed to do some decorating this week, but I am going to pass on that, alas, as my chest is still not right, and the last thing I need is paint fumes making it worse.

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