Holiday planning

I usually have two holidays a year – one for me alone, and another one where I take my mum away for a week.

This year, I seem to have skipped my solo holiday – I will probably end up spending it in the garden, or going out for days.

But for my holiday with mum, she said she fancied going to Dorset.

So I have managed to find a town cottage in Weymouth for a week in early September – only 4 weeks away. I googled “self-catering Dorset” and came up with Rupert – one of 7 cottages converted from stables, each named after the shire horse it used to stable, ours being Rupert.

It looks pretty nice, we have a room each, a decent lounge and modern kitchen *and* private parking; and it’s pretty central to the Old Harbour area of Weymouth, so there should be lots of local shops and pubs and restaurants we can visit without the car.