Katie’s seat!

My pair of ancient sofas came with a stool – actually more a large padded bench, big enough for at least 2 backsides.

It usually lives in the middle of the room as a footrest and place to put a tray of tea things. Then it gets moved to the side as a convenient seat if I have bags of people round for gaming.

But for day to day, now, it is really in the way. I can’t place anything on it without Katie wanting a look-in; I don’t need it for my feet because I have a recliner; and it cuts down the floor space for Katie to run around, and for me to play with the Oculus.

So it has moved out to the conservatory, and Katie loves it. Which is useful, because she took to lying behind my chair, which meant I had to be extra careful in standing up. But now she lies on a dog mat on the stool, and everyone is happy.

On game days and dinner parties, it will probably move back, but I think this will be its new home.

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