A walk in the park

Yesterday I had friends round for boardgaming. It was a good session – some people came and went during the day, but we averaged 9 bodies.

It was a sweltering day; we largely managed to keep cool in the house, but when we broke for lunch in the garden, it left many of us wilting – to the point that my usual freezer drawer of icecreams and lollies ran out.

I’ve got the next few days off work, and I was planning to go out and about a bit; but the pending heatwave made me wonder how I would make the most of my time. Yesterday evening’s thunderstorm cleared the air a bit, and this morning I woke up to grey cloud cover, and almost cool temperatures.

So I quickly made my way over to Ferry Meadows, to make the most of it, and got some walking done, in between looking at the geese and ducks, and drinking tea. Just as I was wondering whether to go around the lakes again, the sun finally burned through in full force, and I decided to come home and do some chores in the cool. I had a couple of hours out, and I’m hoping to do the same tomorrow.

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