A new food blog

For some time this blog (and the livejournal crosspost of it) has been a real mixture of stuff, which has nothing in common, except that it all interests me. Science fiction, music, boardgames, food, plus the trivia of the day, and my life.

As a result, I sometimes look at the blog, and think “who could really be interested in all of this, except me?”

In addition, I want to do a bit more on the subject of food, so I have decided to spin it off into a new blog. This will let me aim it at a wider audience, assuming I can find anything worthwhile to write about.

It might seem that recent events (and my most recent posts) may have triggued this, but it has actually been in planning for a while, and I actually registered the website in January. However, it has given a particular focus to the idea, which is all for the good!

The blog is called Food Adventure – http://www.foodadventure.org.uk/. It is another WordPress blog, as that is the software I am most familiar with. However, like this blog, it will be crossposted for folk’s convenience, as follows:

DreamWidth: http://food_adventure.dreamwidth.org/
LiveJournal: http://filklore_foodie.livejournal.com/

My food posts are all going to be made there in future, instead of here; so if it is something that interests you, feel free to follow me on whatever site makes sense to you.

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