Am a little bit peeved that Google have announced the demise of iGoogle. I’ve used it for some time, and find it handy to have certain bits of information – calendar, to-do list, and certain RSS feeds I follow – come up on screen whenever I do a search.

All of the gadgets I have on iGoogle have alternatives, but it is the habit of seeing them there as a reminder several times a day, that helps me keep on top of things I want to follow.

Google say “The need for iGoogle has eroded over time”, and suggest that everything can be done better within Chrome. While I have actually considered moving to Chrome from Firefox, I resent being pushed that way by Google withdrawing their service.

The good news is that iGoogle is not being dropped until 2013. The bad news is that iGoogle for Android is being axed next month.

Already, the computer media are coming up with suggestions for alternate search portal/aggregators. However, rather than rely on anyone again, I am considering writing my own personal mini-portal, hosted on my VPS, with everything I need embedded in it.

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