Month: January 2012

January 29, 2012

This is the latest entry in a blog I read, and it simply made me feel good. Thought I would share. My Tiny Plot » Blog Archive » My Local Unmanned Farm Shop “This is the till at my local farm shop. It’s unmanned. It’s…

January 28, 2012

Is anyone else watching Eternal Law on ITV? The premise – two angels sent to earth to help humanity, in the guise of lawyers – made me cringe when I heard it, but it really isn’t bad at all. Although it sounds like a typical…

January 27, 2012

A few days ago, I commented on livejournal that I had been feeling sleepy lately, and wondered if my CPAP needed adjusting.

Today I had an appointment at Papworth hospital respiratory sleep centre. It was my annual appointment, where they check me out, and my machine, but I thought I could raise my issues and get them addressed.

January 15, 2012

Met up with some folk yesterday for an (early) birthday meal at Barbecoa, a BBQ restaurant owned by Jamie Oliver and Adam Perry Lang. I met with my friend S at Peterborough, and we travelled down to London by train. We arrived at 1 New…

January 11, 2012

As some of you know, I watch quite a bit of TV, too much in fact; and I have a minor interest in adverts. Some ads make me laugh, some I just consider pure art, but some really get me irritated. The one that is…

January 9, 2012

Further to my earlier post on this subject. Following ‘s comment, I followed up my email to my MP with similar emails to my MEPs, also using I’ve had an acknowledgement from my MP’s office, but I know a reply will normally take a…

January 8, 2012

The Immortal Life Of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot A short while ago, I had cause to mention this book in conversation – I had come across it a year or so before, but hadn’t ever read it. Anyway, the conversation prompted me to look…

January 2, 2012

When I saw the laughable Doctor Who Christmas Special, one of my first thoughts was “oh well, Moffat must be spending his time on the new series of Sherlock.

However, having just caught the first episode of series 2 – “A Scandal In Belgravia” – on iPlayer, this is apparently not the case.

[Spoilers follow]