Another week of ABs

Earlier I posted about how I had been prescribed antibiotics for an infection resulting from a cut on my leg. The last week hasn’t been brilliant – I am not in much pain or anything, and it hasn’t affected my mobility, but it’s affected both my gut and my sleep pattern.

The latter has been the most affecting – some days I have gone to lie down after work at 5:30, and woken up at 9 or 10pm. Of course, then my sleep during the night has usually ended in the early hours of the morning.

Anyway, the antibiotics ended on Tuesday, and my sleep immediately improved, although my gut didn’t – if anything it got worse. Also, I was not completely convinced the leg was ok, although it was a lot better.

So I had a followup appointment with my GP today, and he confirmed that both the gut and sleep problems may have been due to the antibiotic. Which is why he is now prescribing me a different one. Yep, I’m getting another week of antibiotics, since the leg still shows signs of infection, and my own temperature is now elevated.

I’m just relieved that this only developed after I got back from the US. Although I had medical insurance for my trip, it would have been a bummer spending my holiday negotiating an unfamiliar health system. Thankful for small mercies.