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I’ve been neglecting my blog for the last few days, so this is a catchup.

My weekend with Lee and Barry.

Friday, we do:

La Brea Tar Pits, which I found fascinating.

Griffiths Observatory, where we caught a planetarium show, which was great. However, I admit I was more excited to be around the Observatory featured in James Dean’s Rebel Without A Cause. I really wanted to go “Moooo” at the start of the planetarium show, but restrained myself.

Strange House – I’ve forgotten the name of this house, but it was worth stopping to see.


The Pacific. Santa Monica Pier, and the Pallisades

Farmer’s market n which sounds ordinary, but is something I enjoy.

Watts Towers – a weird structure made of metal, plaster and mosaic formed from broken bottled, chinawear etc.

Museum of Natural History for an exhibition on ice age animals, which turned out to be a puppet show.

In the evening there was a small housefilk, attended by myself, Lee & Barry; Sandy, Gerry & Rhianon Tyras; and Kay & Vicky Shapero.


DMV building – space art murals

Dinner at a Japanese restaurant.

I know I’ve missed a couple of significant thing we did, which I will update when they come to mind. Many thanks to Lee and Barry for hosting me.

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