More about my grill

After lunch, I wasn’t feeling too bad, and it was quite a nice day, so I thought I would take a look at the grill.

lil-texI got it assembled without too many problems. Noticed a couple of spots that need touching up with paint, but nothing horrendous. These grills are basically ex-demo – they have never been cooked on, but they have been standing around, and to be honest, I expected more dings than there are. Of course, that is what got me the superb price, and I won’t obsess about scratching/denting my new toy, because it comes already christened. This is good – with my Weber kettle, I’ve been wanting to fit a dome thermometer for a couple of years, but couldn’t bring myself to drill the shiny new(ish) thing. With this, I’ll have no hesitation about making any minor changes I think of.

Having bolted on the hopper, and filled it with pellets (hickory), it is now quite weighty – easy enough to wheel about on paving/tarmac, but I am not going to lift it and throw it about like I do the kettle. At the same time, it is still transportable, if needs be, and I reckon it will even fit in the back of my scenic, although it would be a two man lift.

In an earlier post, I commented that the pellets are a specialised fuel, currently with only one UK vendor that I know of – the people selling me this unit. However, since then I have found another UK supplier – I plan to continue buying mainly from the people I know, but it is nice to know I have an alternative – the other supplier also does fruit woods, which my current supplier doesn’t, yet.

Anyway, after I got the whole thing assembled, the first thing I had to do was burn it in – i.e. run it for a couple of hours without food to season it and get rid of any residues from the manufacture that might taint food. I’m pleased to say that everything worked as expected, and I tested it in all three modes – smoke, medium (roast) and high (grill). Even running at high, the level of pellets in the hopper hardly moved, so I think it is going to be economical to cook on.

After the test burn, I was planning to actually cook something, but having had only a few hour’s activity, I was feeling real tired. It also looked like rain, so I let the grill cool off, and stored it away again.

Fixed myself an early (5-ish) tea, then fell asleep again, in front of the TV. Woke up about an hour ago, and am now headed for bed.