Kitchen Update

I’ve been running around a bit lately, and so haven’t posted much about the work going on here.

Tim and Nev finished their bit over a week ago, although the kitchen isn’t quite finished yet. All the units are fitted, the tops are in and the walls between the units are tiled; the new coving (boxing in some pipes, and the tops of the wall cupboards, which are a pain to clean) is done. The only thing not done is painting the remaining walls, and fitting a floor covering.

The floor I was going to do when I get new carpet fitted in the lounge, as it seemed to make sense to do both together.

Painting the walls was originally in Tim and Nev’s list, but I actually quite like painting, and I am on holiday this week. So we took it off their list, on the understanding that if I hadn’t gotten around to it when they come back to do my lounge (probably in September), they would take the task back. So at the moment, I am rubbing down walls, and washing them down with sugar soap. I have half a tin of Dulux Soft Stone, left over from my conservatory, and I think that will complement the cream of the cupboards and tiles quite well, so I am going to slap some of that on, and see what it looks like. If it is good, then I can get a new can to finish off, if not, then I haven’t lost anything.

Aside from the walls and the floor, it is all looking very good. I love my one-and-a-half-bowl sink, which is nice and deep, and much bigger than it actually looks – I can even get most of my baking trays into it to soak.

The only hiccup is that I am spending more time than I expected moving stuff back into the kitchen. With all this wonderful new storage space (4 new wall units, and two “magic corner” swing out shelves, making my two corner units 100% useful), I have been dallying over deciding what should be stored where, to make the most of it all. Plus I need to decide where I am going to hang my teatowel!


  1. August 9, 2010

    Of course these days you do all your cooking in the back garden so I don’t know why you need a kitchen.

    • chris
      August 9, 2010

      Heh. As it happens, I was going to practice on another (small) piece of pork the other day, and it was tipping it down outside. So I prepared it with a rub, as if it was going on the BBQ, and then I put it in the oven – 30 mins at gas mark 7, then a few hours at gas mark 1/2, basting occassionally, until the thermometer told me it was done.

      This time, I actually achieved the “pulled pork” consistancy I wanted, which tells me that this is achievable with small joints – I just have to get the temperature control right.

      Tasted pretty nice, but no smokey flavour, of course.

  2. chris
    August 10, 2010

    Having painted the coving matt white, and one wall (and two narrow strips above the wall cupboards on two other walls) “soft stone”, the colour is looking brilliant against the units – definitely the right decision.

    The coving has had 2 coats, but the walls only one coat, and I have the large back wall yet to do.

    There is also the former larder (now appliance garage) to paint, but I am going to leave that as little side-project for another time. The walls in there are more of a mess than I first thought, and I need to give them a good scrub and then fill all the holes (from old shelving) and sand it all down – not a good idea with wet paint around.

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