Pulled Pork

I have just had my first attempt at pulled pork today, on the BBQ. It wasn’t completely authentic to the recipe I was using – instead of a “Boston Butt”, I used a small piece of pork shoulder that had been boned and tied (I removed the string before it went on the BBQ). I rubbed it with a dry mix I made up of sweet smoked paprika, brown sugar, sea salt, black peppercorns and cumin, then – after I cooked myself a couple of venison burgers for lunch – I put it into my kettle on a low indirect heat, with some soaked hickory chips.

I had completely forgotten to get ingredients for a mopping sauce (to baste the meat), so I improvised with a base of vinegar, with a chopped onion in it and some lea and perrins for flavour. I then left the shoulder to smoke, basting it every 45 minutes.

43630001Because it was a relatively small joint (3lbs), and (I think) because I didn’t keep the temperature quite low enough, it was cooked before I expected, taking only 2.5 hours. Also a couple of ends were a little charred, but underneath the meat was sweet and very tasty. Also I found it didn’t pull very easily – again, I think, because I ended up cooking it too quickly.

However, it is extremely edible, and having gone to the effort if pulling some to put in a bap, I have left the rest whole, to carve over the next couple of days and have with salad. All in all, it was a brilliant first experiment, and I think I learned a lot. However, either I have got to get better at judging and controlling the temperature, or I need to get some kind of oven thermometer.

While it was smoking, I sneaked some pork chipolatas in there, and they also came out scrummy.


  1. July 24, 2010

    You are having way too much fun with this BBQ. More importantly you are too far away for me to pop over and tuck in. I need to go and make a sandwich now.

    • July 24, 2010

      Let’s see. When can we organise a weekend when Chris can be invaded invite a gang round to sample his barbecueing skills?

      • chris
        July 24, 2010

        Actually, I am thinking about having a general invite BBQ sometime, but not quite sure yet when, as my calendar is pretty busy. Besides, I want to get practiced at some of these things, before I risk disaster in front of people.

        It is likely that this will be inflicted tested on my board-gaming group first, as I have sessions booked here both in August and Septemeber

    • chris
      July 24, 2010

      Fun – definitely. With the kitchen work going on, it was easier to get the BBQ out to cook tea. At the same time it seems a little wasteful to light it just for a couple of burgers or a bit of fish, so have been cooking things like this to use as cold cuts.

      At the same time, my boardgame group BBQs have been great fun, but “standard fare” – burgers and sausages. So I thought if I practiced a couple of other techniques, it would make a change. Also, I can cook the slow-cooked joints through the morning, while we play – they can then be served at lunch, leaving the BBQ free (and hot) for anyone who still wants burgers and sausages.

      I have had this book:

      How To Grill

      for over a year, but have only just gotten around to trying some of the more advanced stuff out. It is an absolutely excellent book.

  2. chris
    July 24, 2010

    Incidently, that was the first photo of the new kitchen – not that you can see anything (nice worktop, though!). More of that later.

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