More blogging please

I have been doing stuff around the house today – essentially packing all my books away, so the kitchen cupboards and shelves can be transferred onto the lounge bookshelves, in preparation for the great kitchen tear-down. However, I then need to put the books (and other junk) somewhere, which necessitated a major rearrangement of my box room to Tardis-like capacity. (Regular readers will know that I now have storage space in the loft, but that is for *organised* storage.

The only problem with this plan is that I have been at it all day, solidly. Despite a couple of attempts to be distracted, it turns out that almost everyone else is too busy today to blog (thanks to Paul, though!).

So please could you all blog a little more? I am going to be at it again tomorrow, plus a little gardening, and if I keep up this pace without a break in front of the PC, I am going to be exhausted.

I need distractions, darnit!


  1. chris
    July 4, 2010


  2. July 4, 2010

    I could tell the stories of the bras?

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