Goodbye, Kitchen, Hello

Tim and Nev arrived first thing this morning, and quickly set to work ripping out the old kitchen. Good stuff!


  1. July 19, 2010

    So if they re-assemble the old kitchen on the other side of the kitchen wall, do you end up with a free extension? =:o}

  2. chris
    July 20, 2010

    Not quite. Although a house further down – with virtually the same layout as mine – has actually built a two storey extension where their drive used to be. These houses have a garage to the rear of the house, with a drive running up the side. His extension brings the garage to the front of the house, parallel with the front door (and presumably with a connecting door through to the front hall); behind that, he has doubled the size of his kitchen, upstairs I am guessing that he has managed to enlarge his bathroom, and turn the boxroom/nursery into a useful sized bedroom.

    All clever stuff, but although I got building-project-envy when I saw what he was doing, I can’t justify the expense. I’m single and in a 3 bedroom house – I *should* have enough room.

  3. chris
    July 20, 2010

    As I may have mentioned earlier, I was originally intending to FreeCycle the old units, having offered Tim first refusal of anything he or his dad could use. However, I was wary of FreeCyclers trying to cherry pick the good stuff, and later being left with having to move what they didn’t want.

    Tim has kindly offered to take it all away, and FreeCycle it at his end, which meens I get that lovely recycling glow, without the pain.

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