Good Grub

I arrived at my accommodation just before 1pm, but checking in was not until 3pm, so I left my stuff in the car, and went out for the afternoon. There is a convenient bus-stop right opposite the Travelodge, with regular buses into town. However, as it was a bank holiday, it would be a Sunday service, so I decided to walk.

I am glad I did, because it was no nearly so far as I thought it was. As I found myself approaching the London Road shops, I realised that I was quite hungry, and immediately thought “I wonder if Grubs are still there”.

When I lived in Brighton and Hove, there were two local chains of burger bars which were both far better than any national chains – Uncle Sams and Grubs. Both were good, but for me, Grubs won hands down. In the years since I left, I have bored friends with tales of their veggie burgers so good that even meat-eaters chose them by choice.

I walked along London Road, past a couple of eateries, but determined to see if Grubs were there. Indeed it was – still looking much the same as I remembered – ramshackle, in need of decoration, and the walls plastered with posters and adverts. I ordered a “Veggie Original” (with mayo, ketchup, tomato, gerkin) and while I waited for it to be cooked, I couldn’t help but wonder if it would be as good as I remembered.

It was – pure heaven in a bun.