Had a very pleasant day visiting and . and it was also great seeing everyone else who came along. The weather wasn’t good enough for the planned BBQ, but we all ate well just the same. With boardgames before and after lunch and some impromptu music later in the evening, it was a good day.

Until I discovered that my Eee, which I was planning to use this week, had broken and wouldn’t boot. Handing it over to , he eventually diagnosed a file corruption problem – possibly caused by an unplanned loss of power. The solution was to reload the original OS from ROM, and then download and reinstall my various software updates.

The strange thing is, having done this, I have managed to get up to Firefox 3.6.3, whereas the best I have managed in the past is 3.0.something. In fact from what I have read on the forums, Firefox 3.6.x isn’t supposedly possible with the Eee’s version of Xantos. But that is what I am looking at, and I am quite pleased about it.