Month: February 2010

February 14, 2010
Interesting article in the Times here.
February 14, 2010
From GCHQ’s careers website, read by Jeremy Hardy: “GCHQ is heavily dependent on its use of technology in order to execute its vital intelligence mission. An increasingly rapidly changing digital world demands a furious pace of innovation in our technical systems. We achieve this with…

February 13, 2010
Because I have been poorly, I never did get round to making the rye starter I intended to. From my original starter, I have made 3 loaves of bread, with the folllowing results: 1) Traditional circular Sourdough, baked on a metal tray. This was made…

February 4, 2010
Over the last month, I’ve dipped in and out of being unwell – nothing alarming, merely coughs and sniffles, and a problem of being tired during the day, but unable to sleep properly at night, mainly due to said sniffles affecting my use of CPAP.…

February 2, 2010
The ultimate in office recycling?