Month: November 2009

November 24, 2009
There seems to be an unusual amount of watchable TV on at the moment. No, I am not talking about “Ugly Betty” (which I am addicted to), but genre offerings such as “FlashForward”, “Defying Gravity” and “True Blood”. I have seen pretty scathing criticisms of…

November 21, 2009
November 20, 2009
Today I met up with my brother and sister-in-law for the last part of saying goodbye to mum; the burying of her ashes, and my dad’s plaque being updated to commemorate both of them. It was only a short ceremony, as the main service had…

November 18, 2009
November 18, 2009
Had to get up early today, as I am working onsite today. While getting ready, I noticed my Wii was flashing me, indicating a message. As I knew full well what that message would be – the long-awaited launch of the Iplayer Channel – I…

November 16, 2009
Have just ordered my ticket for the Gadget Show Live 2010, at the Birmingham NEC. This year, they are running from Thursday April 8 to Sunday April 11. I have booked the Friday, figuring that it will be heaving over the weekend, and probably pretty…

November 12, 2009
November 7, 2009
Amusement for drummers: Two Drums and a Cymbal Fall off a Cliff.