There is nothing like a good system…

… and this is nothing like a good system.

Mum is back in hospital (as planned), and she has a pile of routine outpatients appointments that I needed to cancel for her.

Although her appointments are all for the local hospital, Whipps Cross, they are all in different departments, and though I asked, it is apparently not possible to call one number and cancel all appointments – I was told you have to cancel each one.

So I call the first, and cancel her appointment. Then I call the next department, and am told they cannot access mum’s record, as someone else has it open, and only one person can access a record at a time. Working with computer systems, as I do, I am frankly astonished; and am now sitting supping tea, while I wait for 10 minutes between each phone call.

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  1. July 13, 2009

    Gah! Let’s hope no-one ever has a record open when someone needs emergency treatment?!?!?

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