Month: May 2009

May 23, 2009
I’m happy to say that the main pear tree is looking very healthy. I have been religiously removing leaves at the first sign of the mite, and it has kept it under control. It also has an incredible crop of pears growing – too many…

May 23, 2009
Have spent much of today in the garden, making sure it will survive my approaching holiday. The new bed is alive with lettuces and salad greens (and some very healthy-looking Pok Choi), and the last thing I want is it to die off if there…

May 21, 2009
Just watched Question Time, which this week was all about the sorry state of affairs regarding MP’s expenses. A frequently heard comment from the audience was “Why can’t we have a general election, now”, and this was supported (no surprise!) by both William Hague (Conservative) and Vince Cable (Lib Dem). To my surprise, I was more in agreement with Ben Bradshaw (Labour) who said that to do so would let those who committed the most serious offences to get away with it. I’ll explain why I think this is so.

May 8, 2009
Had another excellent evening at the George Hotel at Leadenham. I had to travel up for a meeting at Bridlington during the day, but popped in on Tim and Annie on the way back, and then went along to the George with them. Many thanks…

May 3, 2009
May 2, 2009
Just gave the BBQ a thorough clean and degrease in preparation for the new season. I guess this means it is going to rain tomorrow.
May 1, 2009