Month: February 2009

February 25, 2009
I just watched the new Law and Order UK, recorded from last night.

I am fan of the original US show, and Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. I was less enamored with some of the later spin-offs, but was curious how the UK show would be.

Unfortunately, I was distracted throughout by the actor’s accents – cheerful London chappies, almost verging on fake cockney, for the police, while the chief lawyer is as plummy as they come. Pure stereotypes, and clearly aimed at a possible American market.

February 24, 2009
February 23, 2009
Since January, my blog, hosted at Blogger, has been mirrored to this LiveJournal account. The mirroring process has worked without a hitch, but I’ve become dissatisfied that although the articles on both sites are the same, I haven’t found a way to do the same for any comments made.

February 11, 2009
This is possibly a common occurrence for people with more common surnames, but Googling my name – as you do – I’ve just discovered that there is another Chris Malme in the world. Quite weird, but I felt obliged to drop him an email and…

February 10, 2009
February 10, 2009