Shades of Grey

Words & Music: Chris Malme
Inspired by "The Rocket Man"by Ray Bradbury

My father was a Rocket Man
From Springfield Port his ship would fly.
My mother knew it was his life,
But every time he'd leave she'd cry
He'd stand there in his uniform,
All glossy black with silver braid
I remember how I felt so proud,
Yet deep inside I was so afraid.

Chorus:     And Star-light casts no shadow,
            No black or white, just shades of grey.
            The sun is bright, with bitter memories,
            So we'll live at night and sleep by day

I asked my father yesterday,
"How can you treat poor mother so.
Whene'er you fly it breaks her heart
And yet you love her, this I know."
My father looked at me, so sad,
Said "Son, you just don't understand
I've tried damned hard to stay this time,
But it's in my blood, I'm a Rocket Man"       Chorus

My father smiled, "My son,"he said,
"Don't ever chance the skies to roam.
You're never happy planet bound,
Yet when out there you yearn for home
The asteroids, the heat, the cold,
There's a million ways a man can die
But this will be my final trip,
And then I'll bid the stars goodbye."          Chorus

I told my mother of his words,
But it only seemed to cause her pain.
She said "If he should die on Mars,
I'll never look to Mars again.
To Jupiter, or Venus still,
They shine so brightly in the sky.
If he should fall within their well
I swear I'll hide when they rise high."       Chorus

But it wasn't Mars or Jupiter
Or Venus that we had to shun.
The message came about his death
His ship it fell into the sun
My mother she no longer cries
And now I think I understand.
My father died ten years ago,
When he became a Rocket Man.                  Chorus

Copyright © 1992 Filklore Music

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