Patchwork Girl

Words & Music: Chris Malme

Inspiration: "The Patchwork Girl" by Larry Niven
Although they said you were a killer,
I didn't think it ever could be possible.
I'd known you many years ago,
And knew that you could never be so cruel.
But now the evidence before us
Makes your alibi seem ever so improbable,
And it seems that I was wrong
And once again you have just played me for a fool

You were the reason for my leaving,
I ran away to try and nurse a broken heart.
Although I meant to write to you,
I never knew exactly what to say.
But when I saw you in the restaurant
It seemed that we had never been so far apart
And the memories returned to me
As if they only happened yesterday.

   I called you up to lend a hand
   But you would not accept my call.
   If that's the way you feel,
   I guess you must be guilty after all.

Although it's been a long, long time, it seems
You're acting in a way I've never known before
I'd thought that there's no way that you
Would give a thought for anybody else.
But there's a secret that you're keeping
A secret that you think worth even dying for
Yes, someone you're protecting that
You seem to love far more than life itself.

   Someone whose trust you can't betray
   No matter how the dice may fall
   If that's the way it is
   I guess you must be guilty after all

      But still it don't seem right
      It's something I feel, deep down inside
      I lay awake at night
      Trying to guess what you've got to hide

So now I'm standing here before you
And telling you there has to be another way
A way that you can tell the truth
Without the fear your secrets they will find
And though there's no doubt that tomorrow
Will bring us both such sorrow, still I have to stay
For tonight you need someone to hold
And I, another chance to change your mind

   All I'm asking is a little hope,
   That's better than no hope at all
   Trust me with the truth
   And tell me you're not guilty after all
Copyright © 1993 Filklore Music

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