Lord of the Roads

Words & Music: Chris Malme

Inspired by "Neuromancer" by William Gibson
Lord of the roads, lord of the graveyards,
I feel you both so close to me.
Here in my room, with my hands on the deck,
I close my eyes to better see
Patterns in the void, colours in the dark
Waiting there for me to find
Demons in the night, spirits on the line,
Are you real, or just a figment of my mind

Since the beginning, you've lived in the shadows,
Seldom seen by light of day.
Now in the matrix, you call to me softly,
And tell me how to find the way.
Take a little trip, plug into the deck,
Follow where the voodoo leads.
Punching for the base, cutting throught the ice,
Till you find the power that you need.

          In the night I can hear
          Sounds that fill me with fear
          And it all becomes so clear to me.
          It's not us in control
          We're just playing a role
          And we're risking our souls, don't you see?

Ancient spirits, Samedi and Legba,
Who ride a horse of human flesh,
We're at their mercy, here in their provence,
Where cyberspace and legend mesh.
You could live or die, they don't give a damn,
There's always someone else to use.
But in this world of ours, it's the only game,
So you play, and hope that you don't lose.

Copyright © 1989 Filklore Music

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