Where Do You Get Your Ideas From?

Words: Chris Malme
Music: "Where Do You Go To My Lovely?" by Peter Sarsted

You are a best selling author,
And I'm just a poor neo-fan
I've got some questions to ask ya,
The commitee have said that i can, (Yes they did)

I want you tell me your story,
Of just how you came to be here,
Tell me your innermost secrets,
And for this I will buy you a beer, (Maybe two!)

   Where do you get your ideas from,
   What things lurk under your bed,
   Tell me about your next novel,
   I want to crawl 'round in you head

I've met all the nebula winners,
Got signed first editions, the lot,
And boot-legs of all the Bob Shaw talks,
There's no end to the stuff that i've got,
(What a mess!)

I've sat in on all of the workshops,
I've spoken to all of the pro's
But so far I've never been published
Still they tell me that that's how it goes....
(So they say)


Now you are a best selling author,
And I'm but a poor lowly fan
But you're drinking the pint that I bought ya
So answer me please if you can!

Lyrics copyright © 1988 Filklore Music

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