Forever Gone

Words & Music: Chris Malme
Inspired by "Legacy of Heorot" by Niven, Pournelle & Barnes

Do you remember the day that we left in our glory?
Each one a hero, the envy of those left behind?
But that was then, and this is now,
And there's no happy ending to our story
'Cos something with the journey didn't go as we planned,
And I fear that I'm losing my mind,
For something has gone...
Something has gone...

We came to this world with a vision of a new beginning;
Tau Ceti Four seemed the answer to all of our dreams.
But now we're in a battle for our lives
And I can see no way of winning.
For the dream's become a nightmare right in front of our eyes,
The undoing of all of our schemes
Forever gone...
Forever gone...

    We took a land that was honest and good
    And introduced changes that we never should.
    We're trapped in this hell that we helped to create,
    Is there no turning back, have we left it too late?

There was a time when confusion could never enslave me -
My mind was a tool finely honed to perfection and strong.
But that time has gone, the edge is dulled,
And I can think of nothing that will save me,
Though I thought I had the answer a moment ago,
It was just on the tip of my tongue
But now it has gone...
Forever gone...
Forever gone...
Copyright © 1990 Filklore Music

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