In Fear For The Cat

Words: Chris Malme
To the tune of "The Year Of The Car" by Al Stewart

Inspired by the motion picture "Alien"
In the middle of a SciFi movie
On a spacecraft in some future time
She goes hunting through the ship though risking, surely
Being covered in slime
It comes out of the dark and the shadows slobbering
And it seems that Ripley is fair game
Don't bother asking for explanations
They'll just tell you she came
'Cos she feared for the cat

The film doesn't give you time for questions
As to what the cat was doing there
It's a plot device to give the film direction
So we don't really care
There's a stretch of floor by the airlock door
Where the acid is still burning through
A saner woman would save her own life
But what does Ripley do
She fears for the cat

    Though she tries to act so cooly
    You see the sweat shine in the flamethrowers light
    It's sure she don't smell of patchouli
    The alien wants her, but she knows she mustn't take flight
    'Cos she fears for the cat

When the alien comes she's all alone now
For her crew and the android are gone
And she's thown away her chance to leave that moggie
So she has to fight on
In the days to come you will think it's dumb
Just what she's let herself go through
A saner woman would save her own skin
But what did Ripley do
She feared for the cat.
Lyrics copyright © 1993 Filklore Music

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