Elektra's Song

Words & Music: Chris Malme
Inspired by "The Elektra Saga" by Frank Miller with Klaus Johnson

Started off in college both at the same time,
The first day I met you, I knew you'd be mine,
Poor law-school student and rich little girl,
So deeply in love, and at peace with the world.

    With the death of your father, no tears did you cry,
    But something inside you seemed also to die.
    So you left, and you ran, and you hid yourself away,
    Filled with a need to avenge him some way
    And you learned how to kill, and your heart became a stone,
    And you learned how to hate, and then you were alone.

The years went rushing past, too quickly it seems,
You followed your path, while I followed my dream
The next time we met, I could not recognise
The girl I'd once loved, now everything I despised.

    I tried to convince you that your way was wrong,
    But you wouldn't listen, your hate was too strong.
    So you fought, and you won, left me lying in the rain
    Blooded and beaten, with a heart filled with pain
    'Cos the chill in your voice simply cut me to the bone,
    As you bid me goodbye and left me there all alone.

        You were the darkness and I was the light
        You were the evil I was sworn to fight
        But still I loved you and couldn't forget
        The way that I felt on the first day we met.

Last night I woke to hear a sound at my door
That's where I found you lying still on the floor
You whispered you loved me as I held you so tight
Then died in my arms in the first morning light.

    Oh my darling Elektra, how strange it should be
    That you were the blind one, who just wouldn't see.
    But I'll live, and forgive, and with every passing day,
    The pain it will fade while the memories stay.
    For I still do believe, after all is said and done,
    That nothing is solved simply by being alone.

Started off in college both at the same time,
The first day I met you, I knew you'd be mine,
Memories linger as memories will,
It's so long ago now but I love you still.
Copyright © 1991 Filklore Music

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