Here Stands A Man

(The Boy in The Room Part 2)

Words & Music: Chris Malme
Inspired by "Speaker For The Dead" by Orson Scott Card

Time marches on
As we wait for what morning brings
And sleep while we may

Time slips away
As we reach for tomorrows dreams
Ignoring today

    And tomorrow comes around at last
    But never brings the promise of the day
    So we keep on chasing maybes
    Until we've found we've wished our lives away
    When we could have had today

I travel on
In search of a special place
Somewhere just to be

I travel far
And spread peace in the truth I speak
But never for me

    And another graveside beckons
    And bids me speak for who passed yesterday
    And there always is the question
    Who is comforted more by the words I say
    The living or the dead

                    (There's a boy)
There was once a boy            (In a room)
Now here stands a man           (Oh he never had a childhood)
Do I speak the truth            (Or the things a normal boy should)
I'll do the best I can          (For he had the sight)
I'll speak with your tongue     (To know what is right)
I'll speak from your heart      (That would win us the fight)
I'll speak of your life

Call me the speaker for the dead

Copyright © 1998 Filklore Music

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