The Boy in The Room

Words & Music: Chris Malme
Inspired by "Ender's Game" by Orson Scott Card

There's a boy in a room
Oh he never had a childhood,
Or the things a normal boy should
For he has the sight
That will win us the fight

There's a boy in a room
Without any hesitation
He'll assess the situation
And millions will die
Under alien skies

There's a boy in a room
He'll never see the devastation
Only sterile information
And he won't hear the screams
Unless in his dreams

    For here in your world of fantasy, you'll never recognise
    To the people all around you you're a hero in their eyes
    But the history books will paint you as a demon in disguise
    As the world gives a sigh,
    A noble race dies

There's a boy in a room
Playing with a simulation
An invented situation
Just think how he'll feel
When he finds it's for real

And with all the death and suffering, I'm sure you will agree,
That the one we most feel sorry for
Is he.
Copyright © 1989 Filklore Music

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