The Filklore Award

The Filklore "Nellie" is an award for the most memorable filk lyric posted to the FILK_UK Mail-List.

In this, it is different from most other filk awards in two ways:- a) The award is judged based on the lyrics alone, without reference to any music or performance that might be associated with the work. b) Partial snippets and/or instafilks are just as eligible as completed works.

To qualify, the lyric must be the original work of the poster, and have been written no more than 6 months before the date it was posted.

The award is currently selected by Minstrel (Chris Malme), as moderator of the mail-list..

The Filklore Award 2003

No award was made in 2003, due to the number of original lyrics posted during the year being too small to have a meaningful contest. Hopefully, 2004 will yield more postings, and if so, the lyrics posted during both 2003 and 2004 will be eligible.

The Filklore Award 2002

The Filklore Award 2002 was awarded to Brian Biddle for "EOAII" at Quinze, the 15th Annual British Filk Convention.

The Filklore Award 2001

The Filklore Award 2001 was awarded to Alasdair Prett for "Teach Us How To Grieve". It was accepted by Jessica Prett, at Contabile Fortean, the 14th Annual British Filk Convention.

The Filklore Award 2000

The Filklore Award 2000 was awarded to Jessica Graham for "Evil Overlords Anonymous" at ConThirteena, the 13th Annual British Filk Convention.

The Filklore Award 1999

The Filklore Award 1999 was awarded to Dave Weingart for "Destiny's Shore". It was accepted, on Dave's behalf, by Persis Thorndike, at Didgeri-Douze, the 12th Annual British Filk Convention.

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