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June 1, 2012

I am just off on a little road trip, what makes it exciting is it is the first proper outing for the Berlingo. First a trip down to Wiltshire, to visit and for the afternoon, and exchange a guitar for some gaming books; then a…

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April 12, 2012

When I bought my new Berlingo, I must admit I was puzzled that they were selling a car – at a very good discount – that had only been registered in November as a demonstrator, and had only done 600 miles. I know there are…

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March 24, 2012


Picked up the Berlingo this afternoon. Although it obviously handles differently from my Scenic (which was an Automatic, rather than an optionally-computer-controlled Manual), I had no difficulties, and it was an uneventful drive back from Peterborough. Going to stick my nose in the manual tonight,…

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March 16, 2012

Last year, I was talking about my old Renault Scenic, and how it was playing up. I was thinking about buying a new car, and was considering whether to buy new or secondhand. The problems with the Scenic got fixed, and although I still thought…

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November 7, 2011

A short while back I was talking about whether to keep my car for another year, or go shopping for a new one. I procrastinated for a month or so (to be fair, I have been collecting information and brochures on various models), and then…

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August 9, 2011

My trusty old Renault Scenic is playing up a bit. It has been absolutely fine until recently, but in the last couple of days, it hasn’t been quite right. It made a trip to Cambridge today fine, but on the way back, it developed a…

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