Count Zero's Lament

Words & Music: Chris Malme

Inspiration: "Count Zero" by William Gibson

It was early in the morning, I was feeling such a wreck,
The sun peeked through the curtains and cast a shadow on the deck.
There were footsteps in the hallway, and a rattle at the door,
And when I looked an envelope was lying on the floor.

It's really such a bummer, cos I've never felt so low,
Though I knew that they'd catch up with me, I knew it long ago
But it's really such a tragedy, I can't believe it still,
The day that poor Count Zero got his first telephone bill.

And I really can't remember when I made all those calls,
I only ever phone my mother or a close friend in the sprawl
But Samedi and Legba, its all their fault I bet
For when the demons phone you, they always call collect!

Copyright © 1989 Filklore Music

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