For Magnus, Wherever I May Find Him

Words: Chris Malme
Music: "Rest Stop" by Julia Ecklar and Leslie Fish

Inspiration: "Asteroid Called Rest-home" by Leslie Fish and Claire Stephens

My mama warned me not to be a X-man,
She told me it was bound to end in tears,
But all I ever wanted was adventure
The costumes looked so dashing
With all those colours clashing
Professor X, he said he wouldn't take me,
Room on his team he said he couldn't find
On account of all the laws that I had broken
How was I to know that he could read my mind?

Chorus:   Now I'm looking for that asteroid of Magnus,
          Sentinels and anti-mutant lobby never will find me there.
          For after ten long years of hiding
          From Homo Sap I'm just deciding
          I'd might as well be evil and not care!

I'll tell you now, it's hard to be a mutie
Insurance cover is so hard to find.
It's not that they think my life is so dangerous
But every time I'm slain,
I rise to claim again!
It makes a mess of their actuarial tables
And leaves them quite folorn and all bereft.
To find I've claimed three times on my life policy,
Not to mention my third party, fire and theft!


I read it in the news this very morning,
It said they'd blown that asteroid to hell
But I'm not one to swallow all those stories
Magneto is my friend
On him I can depend
I'm sure he'll reappear when least expected
More noble and more powerful than before
For it seems that he is everybody's favorite,
Well, let's face it - Cyclops can be such a bore!


Lyrics copyright © 1992 Filklore Music

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