Do Paranoids Scream In Their Hectic Sleep?

Words & Music: Chris Malme

Come all ye science fiction fans and listen now I pray,
About a novel written by a man called Philip K.
Now Mr. Dick he had the strangest style, truth for to tell
In questioning reality and other things as well.

The story starts with chapter one in which our hero dies,
Squashed flat by a time traveller committing suicide.
The traveller jumped from ninety feet and fifty years in time
From a ledge of a skyscraper which our hero will design.

Well, this creates a paradox as you will recognise -
The building fades to nothing as the poor architect dies.
No tower, no ledge, no suicide, our hero lives and then
Designs that bloody building and the whole thing starts again.

Now time she can be devious and soon she sorts it out,
Our hero's in a timeline where he can't muck her about.
No more is he successful, building towers to the sky
He's now a struggling novelist known for his wierd sci fi.

But fate can take a wicked turn of that you can be sure.
Our hero soon finds fame and is no longer so obscure.
He write a real best-seller, it really is such fun,
About an architect who strangely dies in chapter one.

If you don't recognise this plot you really shouldn't fret
The answer is quite simple - Philip hasn't penned it yet.
And those of you who will protest that Dick is dead and gone,
That's only in this timeline, in many others he writes on.
Copyright © 1991 Filklore Music

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