Someone Else's Cream

Words: Chris Malme

To the tune of "Someone Else's Dreams" by Mike Whitaker

I'm a stray tom, the city I roam
I've nowhere to live, the street is my home.
So I have learnt how to take care of myself,
For no-one else wants to it seems
Guess that I'll just have to steal.....
Someone else's cream.

Most every day, with the humans at work,
In a garden I'll lay, and furtively lurk
Watching the catflap for kitten to leave
Vacate himself from the scene
Thats when I sneak in to steal.....
Someone else's cream.

I squeeze throught the flap, purr-suing my goal
And out at the back, there lies kittens bowl
There can be nothing that tastes quite so fine
Watch me as I lick it clean
The sweetest nectar of all.....
Someone else's cream.

Now kitten is cute, so it's really a shame,
When I crap in the hall, that he gets the blame,
No-one suspects that I even exist,
Never in their wildest dreams,
That's why it's easy to steal.....
Someone else's cream,

Someone else's cream.

Lyrics copyright © 1991 Filklore Music

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